About us

Hanuman B.V. Non-profit organization founded in 2001 by the initiative of five friends , passionate travelers , who were able to see for themselves the great inconvenience at the expense of children , due to poverty and oppression in various parts of the world and in Nepal , in particular.
Hanuman Onlus is completely independent and non-profit . All members and staff work for free as a volunteer with programs :
- Support children with Happy Child Project, anyone can become a fosterer ;
- Hospitality of orphaned children in the family home called " Happy Home " ;
- Schooling , with the construction of many schools ;
- Education and protection of children from abuse and exploitation.
Hanuman Onlus is an association open to all people who care about a horizon of hope for countless underprivileged children in difficulty or where war and famine or social discrimination , are the sad daily reality.


The Board Members are:
President Francesca Meneghello
Vice President of Vitaliano Bissi
Executive Director of the Distance Support Project Irene Pujatti
Councilor Leonardo Sabaini
Hanuman Onlus Association is a private non-profit Organization ( Non-Profit Association) , July 26, 2001 and registered on the list of Italian non-profit organization at the Ministry of Finance, Regional Tax Office , August 17, 2001