Earthquake 2015

Earthquake 2015


August 4, 2015 - August 5, 2015

Last hours in Nepal then back in Italy.

We meet the Minister of the Interior and Foreign Government Nepalese who congratulated us for what we have done in these years and our continued presence in Nepal.

Durbar Square in Kathmandu, perhaps the hardest hit by the earthquake, it can clearly see the work of cleaning the debris and the safety of the monuments.

In the square right in front of the offices of the Metropolitan Police of Kathmandu there are tents that replace classrooms damaged school pupils. We speak with the school principal and understand that they need to tend more resistant to monsoon rains, in fact those who have mounted have been torn by the fury of the wind that in recent weeks have affected the capital.

We decide to give relief to them one of the tents that we brought with us from Italy. The students are excited to see the new tent and follow the installation steps with wide eyes and enthusiasm.

The group leaves for Italy in the evening, leaving two volunteers to follow the work that we started.

Stay Tuned

August 2 to August 3 2015
"Someone asked me what interests us of Nepal. And I say, where there is a man, only one, there are here, where there is the memory of a past there we will find the new modulation of the same illusions, the different-fulfillment, but not discordant, the archetypes of the human spirit . »
(Giuseppe Tucci, Nepal: the discovery of the reign of Malla)

We are the last days of our mission in the land of Nepal.
Today the headlines of every newspaper in Nepal are sull'ennesimo disaster that is consumed in the village of Lumle killing 33 people, the monsoon arrived we keep hearing about causing landslips and landslides in various parts of the already battered country after the earthquake of April 25 last year.

Reading this sad news the memory takes us back to those days during the earthquake in which we organized our first responders assist the people of Nepal, together with our volunteers in Nepal have now activated a network of relief in those village battered by the destructive force earthquake and unreached by international organizations.

Today, after three months we returned to Nepal to bring our attention on children followed directly by us and are part of the project Happy Chlld and focus on situations in our schools in order to bring into use the facilities seriously affected by the earthquake in order to bring the kids to school and bring them back to normal life ever.

We start early to reach the village of Sakhu where we visit the last children of the Happy Child project. The old town was completely destroyed, 90% of the buildings have collapsed the other declared uninhabitable. Some of them together with the families organized themselves in makeshift shacks, others have built with our help the little houses made of bamboo. The meeting, as always, is very exciting and touching, with each of them speak in front of the house and destroyed the dignity that emerges is unmatched, we will learn much from this attitude.

Let's go find the children of the Happy Child project in Patan. Many of them are forced to live in makeshift shacks and even worse inside the house unsafe, and declared unfit for use by the government, all of them have given the chance to stay in the houses of bamboo and zinc not having enough space to put up tents brought from Italy. From all of them we receive a smile the best gift of the day just passed.

These days we have been in close contact with children, their families and our friends and volunteers in Nepal, we saw smile again grow strong desire to start again. Farmers in despite many difficulties have returned to the land, the cultivation of rice, corn, eggplant, potatoes and more are back and revive the hills and valleys of the country.

The traffic in the cities of the valley is back, a sign that businesses are recovering. The tented camps are shrinking, bringing back to work Nepalese artisans. Tourists are still very few, glia incoming planes are empty coke so the road and the shops of the tourist district of Thamel.

Just missing you alongside these people.


31 July to 1 August 2015

Let the sultry heat of Benighat and Ramechhap us in the cool valley of Kathmandu, fresh only because of the monsoon rains do not give respite and leave no room for the hot August sun.

Waiting to meet the engineer of the government we allow a small range by visiting the beautiful city of Bhaktapur, the ancient city has been hit by the earthquake and some temples and monuments have collapsed but nevertheless, the charm that emanates remained intact, thanks the immediate intervention of cleaning of the debris that make less devastating visual impact.

Deeper inside the signs of the earthquake are still very evident and through the narrow streets of piles of rubble is like a punch in the stomach. We meet some of the children of the Happy Child project and we see that some of them are still living in their homes, slightly damaged, others unfortunately are forced to live or in the tented camp set up by the government, or in houses built of zinc in an emergency.

Together with government technicians visit the last three schools: the first with very serious injuries which required major structural, the second fortunately with minor damage and the third with no damage. In schools children recognize us and now are having a party and sing along choruses and songs to us, these moments are always exciting and fill us with energy and strength to continue to help this wonderful people.

We proceed at a time of Kirtipur where we meet the children of the project Happy Child, all had the house destroyed or seriously damaged and therefore unusable. The thing that always surprises is the serenity with which they approach the tragedy. Speaking to demonstrate their great surprise and happiness to see us and a lot of dignity. They have settled in makeshift houses built with bricks, bamboo panels and zinc.

Our presence and help are invaluable tools for the many victims of terremonto and recognition of affection received from all of our children is evident in their welcoming smiles and gratitude in their eyes.



July 30, 2015

Today we visited the villages of Bhirpani, Sidkha, Maghigaon and Dukha. Departure at 5.30 to reach Maghigaon a small fishing village totally destroyed by the earthquake where we built 28 houses of zinc suitable to give hospitality to the inhabitants of the village. We mounted a two tents available to the community, the other to the school which is attended by 58 children.

The strength of the earthquake is impressive, 90% of homes have collapsed and destroyed, we who have lived the terrible moments of April 25, we can understand how you can feel those poor people. Turn to the houses and the village you get a feeling of sadness and desolation that flits in to see how dignity were also organized with our help, to build together with us the houses over their heads.

The field work is resumed and all around is cultivated with rice and corn.
The welcome we reserve every time we come to this resort is exciting and today even more so since their surprise to see us after three months from the sad event was equal to our excitement to see them in full of energy recover in the daily life of Always.

Just finished up the tent to the school teachers and children have been organized to implement it immediately, within allestendola material scolsastico and decorating a small nursery.

We continue on board of a truck at a time of Birphani, where we are seeing the state of our school. The welcome is warm and the kids as always welcome us with handclaps and bouquets. While some of us play and they sing in chorus the many students, experiencing together with other engineers of the Nepalese government the damage by earthquake. The school is unusable, the damage is mild and require major rehabilitation work.

We continue at a time where all of Dukha 'entrance of the village we see a sign saying Hanuman Village is the thanks of the community in what we did. The village was completely destroyed. We have built 80 houses. The welcome with songs of welcome from the mothers of the village excites us. All around only destruction.

In this village households were helped with each other in order to build together with us quickly a shelter made of bamboo and zinc in the shortest possible time.

We assemble a large tent that can accommodate other families in need of shelter.

On the way back we stop at a small school completely destroyed where we are greeted with great affection and with requests for help.

We return to the capital that are the 23,30.


July 29, 2015
As always landing in Kathmandu riseva us a thrill, now more than ever. Let's go back to Nepal three months from April 25, 2015 terrible.

Our friends at the airport to greet us smiling and with a sign of bnevenuto. They are all well and are full of enthusiasm and energy to the work that lies ahead in the next few days. The streets of the capital were evicted from the debris of the collapse and in the streets there are many tents which provide shelter displaced people from villages.
 Today we returned from Benighat where we checked the state of the schools and lived with the children of Happy Home days of hard work and fun. The children are all fine though still very frightened by the constant shock, we were able to distract them by making them play, draw and taking them around the village with us.
 Together with the engineer of the government we have checked the status of schools and the work to be done to put them back in safety. The news is not the best, the two largest have necessity of drastic measures need to be rebuilt completely. Three more need of remedial structures and reconstruction of classrooms, two suffered minor damage. To reach the school we used trucks and sitting on the box we reached after hours of bad roads, winding school buildings. Very hot days, more than 40 degrees and the hot sun made our job very challenging into account that some schools can be reached only on foot and after hours of walking in the middle of the mountains.
 The village of Benighat most houses suffered severe structural damage that prevent other home collapsed, the villagers organized themselves to build houses, structures in zinc and / or zinc and brick, where to stay safe sheltered from the monsoon.
 Together with our volunteers in Nepal have installed seven tents for many families in need of shelter, the assembly operation and arrangement of the tents was a moment of joy thanks to the collaboration of friends in the village who can be calm even in these dramatic moments .
Updates in the coming days.


July 24, 2015


The big day has arrived! Let's go back in "our" Nepal.

They need our presence and our help, are the 10 volunteers of Hanuman Onlus starting today for Kathmandu.

Last night our volunteers Nepalese, have the duty 20 tents matches from Italy on 18 July. Curtains are well-structured and resistant, such as those used by the Civil Protection, therefore suitable to accommodate ten / fifteen people each and endure the violence of the monsoon, the scorching sun and the coming winter, given that many families will not be able to rebuild Their home in time. The tents will be donated to the families of the children of the Happy Child project that were left homeless.

Visit our 15 schools, declared uninhabitable by the committee of experts and together with the Nepalese government technicians and to our Italian engineer, an expert in post-earthquake reconstruction, we will verify the work to be done in order to safely restore schools, so as to give a chance about 5,000 students to return to school to attend classes as before. Today, classes are held in temporary structures of bamboo or under tents.

We meet the children of our project Happy Child, distance support, in order to bring them assistance and financial support for the reconstruction of their homes. We know other children orphans and earthquake victims in need of our help.

The energy received by the many people who have supported us in recent months has given us the strength to face this new adventure in Nepal just three months after the earthquake of April 25, 2015. In our "survivors" is still alive and strong the 'emotion of those terrible days in Nepal.

We thank all those who supported us, thank Avventure nel Mondo that supports Hanuman Onlus since 2004 and has donated 5 tents, as well as Fondazione Specchio dei Tempi, through fund-raising campaign launched by the Stampa of Turin.

I will keep you posted.



July 18, 2015

The tents are departing for Nepal!

There are 15 super tents, ultrastrutturate and very capacious, like civil protection, which will lead to the Hanuman Onlus Nepalese population affected by the earthquake of April 25 last year.

They can find shelter and hospitality around 200 people currently homeless.

Thank Avventure nel Mondo, for the logistic support and for giving us total 5 tents Ferrino Model Montana.

Thank Foundation Specchio dei Tempi, for the donation of 5 tents Ferrino model Multipourpose.

We must also thank all those who helped with offers and initiatives to raise funds for our mission in the land of Nepal, they see players in the construction of 140 little houses in two villages in the valley of Kathmandu, to as many families victims of the severe earthquake.





July 16, 2015

In the remote village of Dapkha, in the district of Ramechhap we concluded our intervention to help victims of the earthquake of April 25, 2015. We intervened helping families to recover, where possible, bricks, doors and windows and we have rebuilt some houses. In other situations where it was not possible to work with the recovery, we have built "houses" that can accommodate families. In the village of Dapkha thanks to our intervention 87 families can shelter from the scorching sun and the monsoon. This village will be visited by us during our next mission in Nepal.

Some photos of the construction phase and one of the reconstructed houses.





July 16, 2015

We started the construction of 70 "houses" in the district of the village of Ramechhap Birphani, to allow families affected by earthquakes can have a shelter from the sun and monsoon.





July 15, 2015

Another red dot to another of our schools. The engineers of the Nepalese government declared unfit to Shree Pragatishil High School in the district of Ramechhap. Students can now use the bamboo structure.

We leave on July 24 for the new mission in Nepal, with an Italian engineer, to verify together with the government experts work to do in order to restore the safe use of our school facilities.




July 8, 2015

We have posted on our website with the other photo gallery of schools and homes for children affected by the earthquake of 25 April and 12 May 2015.

Only a few days our new mission in Nepal. It starts in late July, along with an Italian engineer, to verify together with the government experts work to do in order to restore the safe use of our school facilities.

We will bring 20 tents, capacious and tough, line Civil Protection in order to make a safe shelter and resistant monsoons to the families of children followed by the Happy Child project.

Stay tuned and do not forget to support our projects in Nepal.


June 30, 2015

We visited the villages of Sidka, Dukha and Maghigaon near Ramechhap, where we decided to help the families of 70 villages built "zinc's houses" which protected from the monsoon. Next week will begin the construction work, all the villagers help each other in order to quickly finish the work before the arrival of monsoons.


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June 25, 2015 

Two months have passed from 25 April 2015 hours 11,56.

Not even the new earthquake of May 12, 2015, 12.50 hours, managed to shake the media attention.

Meanwhile the earth continues to tremble. The tremors that follow each day are of high intensity. The population is at its lowest, both physically and psychologically. The children are frightened and almost all require careful psychological: to live in fear is not easy.

We are in daily contact with our volunteers in Nepal and by their words and by the tone of their voice can perceive how much anxiety, fear and discomfort hotels in population.

Continued migration from the villages to the capital: the Nepalese who have lost everything and have not been achieved by the big humanitarian organizations, are forced to abandon their land and seek refuge in camps in Kathmandu. The schools, which have been declared unfit for use by engineers of the government, are being organized in order to continue the lessons in temporary structures, temporary shelters, such as tents and classrooms built of bamboo, to give shelter from the impending monsoon.

The monitoring of schools and children, followed in our project Happy Child, is constant. With temporary shelters, you allow them to resume regular school lessons: remove from the street children is currently the priority.

So far, we have brought in many remote villages and inaccessible, our assistance with basic necessities: tents for shelter and food kits consist of 30 kg of rice, 5 kg of lentils, oil, salt, and cookies.

The villages affected are: Chalanakhel, Boshel, Chhaimali, Bhatketapi, Sindupalchok, Bahuntar and Benighat, over 700families have received our aid.

We organized the construction of 70 "houses" in the remote village of Ramechhap. We will help the people to build temporary houses made with recycled materials from previous structures and zinc. The same operation will also be made in the village of Gorkha Benighat and where we will set up another 70 "cassettes".

Unfortunately, of the 15 schools built in recent years, only two have been declared safe. All other for structural damage and collapse have been closed.

We are planning a new mission in Nepal during the month of July, along with an Italian engineer, to verify together with the government experts work to do in order to restore the safe use of our school facilities.

We will bring 20 tents, capacious and tough, line Civil Protection in order to make a safe shelter and resistant monsoons to the families of children followed by the Happy Child project.

Keep segurci and do not forget to support our projects in Nepal.

Here are some photos of the reconstruction.





June 8, 2015

The engineers of the Nepalese government, these days, are monitoring all schools, in order to give or not the viability based on the damage that the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and 12 May 2015 have caused. When they checked 6 of our 15 schools, which unfortunately have suffered severe damage to structures such as to prevent the entry of students in the classrooms.
We are awaiting further news of our schools. In some of them the community is organizing itself by building bamboo structures where to take lessons.
 Here are some photos of Shree Subarneshwor Lower Secondary School, the Shree Pancha Kania Primary School, the Secondary School Shree Chandrodaya.
 More pictures on Facebook and Google+









We entered in the gallery photographs made during our mission in April 2015. During our mission, we opened a new school the SHREE Buddhi Bikash PRIMARY SCHOOL dedicated to Ravi Kandel, we concluded the construction of SHREE ADARRSHA SAULA YUBAK HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, dedicated Amar Tuladhar. We also checked the work of the new school in Godam Chour. Beautiful days spent with the children on a trip to Gorkha and Bandipur.
Then 25 April 2015 at 11.56 ....


May 12, 2015 AT 12.50


The earth shook again in Nepal, today at 12.50 hours local time, an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 has affected even this beautiful country. Even structural damage and terror among the population, the most affected children the weak part of the population.

Luckily our children are doing well, many of them have had their homes destroyed by the second earthquake. Our friends and all the guides are good AnM.

May 11, 2015


With update all of our initiatives, aid, the photos of the mission to help the people and the initiatives of the many volunteers who organize demonstrations in various Italian cities to raise funds, can be found on Facebook and Google+

May 9, 2015

Continue our support to the people of the villages of the earthquake victims.

We brought 100 tents and 100 food kits to the village of Namjung in direct Gorkha. The difficulty of the road due to landslides caused by the terrible earthquake, our volunteers have traveled nine hours before reaching the small village.

May 6, 2015


We in Nepal during the earthquake.

We spent 14 days with the children of Project Happy Child and shared with them a clear day and fun. We opened two new schools and visited others that need our intervention.

The April 25, 2015 at 11.56 all has collapse.

We are doing our best, with our volunteers on site, we distributed 300 tents and as many food kits consist of 30 kg of rice, lentils, salt oil in the countries of Bungamati, Chankhel and Sindhu Palchok.

In the district of Dadhing in mountain villages near Benighat we distributed 120 tents and as many food kits.
In the coming days we will distribute that aid also in the village of Gorkha.

This is made possible by your solidarity that gives us strength and energy to continue the aid to the people unreached by humanitarian aid.

We published the photos of the children on a trip to Gorkha and Bandipur in happy days. We still want to see you smile.

Since 2004, always in Nepal, among the most active non-profit organization.

May 3, 2015

We started distributing 200 tents and blankets and food parcels in remote villages in the hills of Gorkha Benighat and where the damage was serious and people no longer have a roof where to shelter. Our volunteers  Ravi and  Keshav are proceeding with the distribution of the material and are checking other small villages to verify the need.

Our volunteers: Amresh, Raji, Gajendra and Tana are proceeding distribution of 100 tents and food parcels to the population of the village of Bungamati severely hit by the earthquake.

May 1, 2015
We want to reassure everyone that we are writing asking about the children of the program Educating Children, our Nepalese friends, fortunately they are all good. All friends, guides and the corresponding World of Adventures are all right.

Continue to check our schools in order to check for any damage suffered.

Some of them have had damage to homes and the continuing shock those who are sleeping in the car who in tents to avoid being subassemblies collapsed due to structural failure.

We are following minute by minute the situation in Nepal, we are in contact with our volunteers in Nepal.

April 25, 2015 AT 11.56


Saturday, April 25, 2015 at h. 11.56 (local time) the magical valley of Kathmandu, Nepal, is hit by the most terrible natural disaster in its history: a devastating earthquake hit the capital, cities and entire villages. The joyful and hospitable people of Nepal, represented by more than 45% of children, is literally decimated.
 A large group of volunteers of our association, has lived directly those dramatic hours and a succession of shocks and damage of the following days.
 A magnificent people, already disadvantaged by the high level of poverty that has always characterized him, is put to the test by an unexpected and severe natural disasters, but who have almost forgotten to have himself!