Become a partner

The company has the opportunity to collaborate with Hanuman ETS through several possibilities:

liberal supply the company with a monetary donation contributes directly to support projects

Economic sponsorship is directed to a specific project in progress or future realization : school, school furniture , bookcases etc.etc.

fundraising among employees organize among its employees raise awareness aimed at raising funds

The company can become a partner of Hanuman ETS benefiting from a concrete exploitation of the brand , creating a social connotation , through the Social Marketing Direct has the ability to:


join the Cause Related Marketing which provides a partnership between the company and Hanuman ETS , associating the logo of Hanuman in a particular product , the donation can be made from a percentage of sales that amount to a default . With the Cause Related Marketing , the company has a great opportunity to enhance their social commitment towards consumers and their employees


involve employees in a practical way , making him the first person to participate in shared projects .

organize events within their own structures , with markets in solidarity to raise funds

benefit from the tax relief provided , as per regulations


Share the objectives , together choose a project mean to be an active part in a specific project, designed together with Hanuman ETS

All companies can collaborate with Hanuman ETS , subject to the Council's assessment designed to verify the compatibility with our Mission .


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